Monday, November 19, 2007

Logan, the Sky Angel Cowboy!

Truly amazing the childlike faith is!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

God was humbling me this summer! praise God!

Well I just wanted to post what God did in my life this summer! God is such an awesome Father and I thank Him for the lessons that He teaches us through our dumb and stupid mistakes! This summer started out rough! I found out that the house I was living in was condemned and I had 24 hours to vacate it! Not really knowing what I was going to do I started feeling sorry for myself! Wrong thing to do people! Please if you all find yourself in this type of bind please go to His word! But I was heavy in my pity party! What am I, mind you I said "I" going to do, not what can God do; but what am "I" going to do! I then ran into some people I thought were my "friends", yes, satan was right there in our times of trouble to try to break us down! I almost allowed him to! But these friends asked if they could use the house I was living in to smoke crack and I said yes! I felt it did not matter anymore! So when they got to the house they offered me some! And after 6 years of no crack I said "yes" in my self pity! I took one hit realized it was wrong picked up the whole $200 and flushed it down the toilet and threw the people out; and told them to never play on my weaknesses again. So I went to bed feeling terrible about it! But the only thing I was thinking was nobody else knew about it! How selfish can a person be? I did not even stop to think about how bad I hurt God! The next day I went to the Rescue Mission to get a place to stay! When I got down there they told me that if I could pass a drug test I could stay on the family side which was a nice side and you could leave your things in the room everyday and you only had to be out of the Mission from 9 am to 11:30 am. If I did not pass the drug test I would have to stay in a dorm and you have to carry all your belonging around with you all day everyday; from 7am to 7pm! You also had to stay in a dorm with 26 other women who are activly involved in drug abuse , alcohol abuse etc... Believe me there are consequences to ALL our actions! What I thought was only between God and I was now out in the open! Now I was really beginning to understand that God sees all things and How much I hurt Him because I was beginning to hurt! But I had to face up to what I did even if it was just one hit in 6 years it was wrong! Now I had to pay for it harshly! But watching these women struggle it also gave me a chance to minister to them! God allowed them to see the difference in my life and theirs! The peace He gave me! Praise God! The first week I was there I would go to a coffee shop to study my Bible each morning! One morning I was there and I was reading Numbers 16. I came across the word "censers" I did not know what it meant! But there were 2 young men sitting next to me talking about the Bible and I asked them if they knew and the one guy said you are reading Numbers 16 I read it this weekend and I did not know that either! We started giving each other our testimonies and then I had to leave and as I was leaving the one young man said could you please hold on? I did not get my tithing in the collection plate this week I would like you to have it! I said no, because I wanted it to be just a question and friendly thing! But the one guy said No , it is from God! And his friend said if it is from God then you have to take it! So he stuck the cash in my hand and asked that I did not count it there! I did as he asked! But the gift from God was $200 and I had faith in God that He would provide me with money for my prescriptions this month and now I had more than enough so I took $40 for my prescriptions and put $160 in the account at the Rescue Mission for when I move out! The next week I had to go to court for my disability court date! Something I had been waiting for; for 3 years! I knew God was gouing to take care of it all! I got there to speak to my lawyer and he said I had to be careful what I said because i had 50% chance of winning! I told him I was not concerned because I had left it in God's hands! His will will be done! He said no we must practice what you say I said as long as I tell the truth that is all that matters! It was all in God's hands and that was it! So to let you know I was wearing a black t shirt that said "Wear the Glow " "God is the Answer" When we got into the court room the judge said I knew it Ms VanDenBerg! I took your case home with me over the week end! I knew it had to be a spiritual person who had lived through all this trauma and still talk about! If it was up to me you would have the disability right now but we must go through this court hearing for procedures! He then looked at my lawyer and said she in my eyes is an 12.5 bi-polar which definately qualifies her for disability. So we are just going to ask her a few questions for the record and you will all be on your way! He had a puzzled look on his face! After the court hearing the judge asked me if I would keep him in my prayers because he was going to have kemotherapy for the first time that night on his ear! I said yes and we prayed right there! When I got out tof the court room the lawyer said I have never in all my years of practice ever heard a judge ask for prayer! I looked at him and said God is awesome! So not only did I get disability, so I continue my counseling so I can get myself back to the point where I can work! but God gave me a Christian judge and a lawyer to witness to! The next week I was told I had an aprtment at Melrose Towers! All they wanted to move in was $50 rent and $100 deposit! If you remember I had $160 left! So I had $10.00 for toilet paper! Praise God! God is so awesome! I learned to go to God's word first in times of trouble! Do not feel sorry, God is in control! How to be humble and accept punishment when I am wrong and how to keep praising His name even when I am not doing well! Praise God! Love you all!

Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Saturday, December 16, 2006

God's Tool, GodsIndian

Hello My name is Janine VanDenBerg I am a full blooded American Indian, Tsimshian tribe! I am currently living in Roanoke, Virginia. I am a former alcoholic, crack addict, drug dealer and prostitute for 18 years!
I was adopted by a dutch family at 8 months old. I was raised in Holland, Michigan. I attended "Holland Christian Schools." I became ward of the state at the age of 12; because my adopted parents could not handle me. My father was a pastor and professor of theology at Hope College in Holland, MI. I was in and out of foster homes all my life; The best Foster home was with Mr and Mrs Gary Peters. God bless Mr Gary Peters soul and Praise God I am still in contact with Mrs Edith Peters.
I have Bi polar, severe depression, avoidant personality disorder, severe panic attacks,and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. God has been working through all of it with me! I have received disability ; it allows me to get the therapy I need! Praise God! I just love what God has me doing because I know I survived it all to lend a hand to those that need it! Praise God!
I have been in several different domestic violence relationships.
I wound up in Orlando married and with a down syndrome child!He gave me a STD when I was pregnant! My husband left me, because he fathered an imperfect child! I then had to work the streets to survive. I had already been drinking , drugging and dealing! I was raped 3 times and two prosecutions and one got away because I did not want to go through it again! I lost a child from one of my bad relationships where he threw me down the steps and then set the house on fire!
I met a man who was a marine in Warren , Ohio. He wound up on crack and would come wanting money and if I did not have it, he would take me and throw me on the floor face down; pull both of my arms back and get them to go out of joint and then beat me! I had 187 stitches put in the top of my head ; where he broke 3 full fifths of Wild Irish rose on the top of my head.He then stabbed me in the right hand , cut my left fore arm wide open; when I tried to leave; because I was bleeding real bad ,he took a baseball bat to my shins and kept beating me trying to break my legs, so I could not go to the hospital! I then died on the front lawn; from what the officer and neighbors said. When the officer told him he was going to jail for murder, he jumped on top of me and revived me! I finally got away from him by going to a woman's domestic violence shelter in Ohio and I went back to Florida. Where he proceeded to find me and put 18 stitches on my left temple!
Then I met another man that did the same as he did! I had two children by him and he made me work the streets to pay rent , get diapers, pay for his crack and prostitutes! I lost my children here when My son died of sudden infant death syndrome and I had a nervous breakdown and went to Florida and did not know it ! I not only lost Cory, but they would not give me my girls back!I have been going through an awful lot of counseling and I go to Trauma group and am working out all my Traumas! I actually was able to cry and mourn my sons death for the first time this year since his death in Feb. 1996! Praise God! I am not cold any more, I am a person with feelings!

When I was 38 years old I was sitting watching my boyfriend smoke crack and drink with his friends off of the money that I had to make on the streets! This went on for a week.
I would have to go out and make money so they could continue to party! Well; usually I was right along with them, but that week I chose not to participate in the party! On Saturday there was a knock at the door; it was two women! I saw that they were neatly dressed and I flew out the door! They were somebody sober to talk too; finally! They were going around neighborhoods that they knew; the older lady at one time lived on that street! Praise God! They were looking for people to attend a program at there church for new Christians! Like I said I was happy to speak to sober women and found out that the one younger lady had gone to Calvin College in Michigan! That was the rival college that I had done one semester at! God is so awesome! Praise God! Sgt. Brent Asbury from Roanoke City police Department; was also someone that came to me about God! I was attending the Mormon church and he sat with me for 3 hours one Sunday and read the BIBLE! Praise God! I was currently attending a Mormon Church; because they were the only ones coming around to the doors and attempting to minister! I had no idea they were a cult! But I did not like how they would not answer my questions about the Bible! So praise God I started going to this program called "Alpha program! By Nicky Gumble! Totally awesome! I became a member of their church. We started an outreach that has now stopped; but it was to focus on homeless and prostitutes and addicts, ex-cons, cons, juvenile detention homes and lonely! We would go out and have picnics on the health departments lawn and socialize with these lost souls! I too as a new Christian used music to get their attention. The singer was Carman! As time went on it turned to "Press Play" of the LA Dream Center!You have to make friends with them first and gain their trust before you talk to them about God! This went on for about 3 years! I wanted a very intimate relationship with God so I could pass on what those two blessed woman introduced me to! God's Love!!!
I am currently a member of "Parkway Wesleyan Church."<
I have gone with them twice to the "Los Angeles Dream Center ;I especially recommend going out for the day with Chris VanWinkle of Under the bridges Ministry!
With the guidance of God and help of Short Term missions trip to Los Angeles Dream Center; I am going into crack houses, bars,places where the prostitutes work, juvenile detention homes, prisons to use my past to reach people that most cannot. Yes,I also go to "Churches" :so that the congregations will get motivated and start doing God's work out here! They are sometimes in their comfort zones and they are missing out on the most blessed part of being a Christian and that is winning souls to God!
I was also busy with the Manna Ministry program that feeds people 1 box of food a month and it is amazing because most that come there are the people I use to party with!
I was also getting involved with Let Go and let God ministries based in Salem Virginia!They have since quit? They were awesome couple! Christopher is an x meth dealer and Sharron (Sam) use to be in Witchcraft! They befriended drug dealers and wiccans and on their Saturdays take them out to a farm that Christopher's dad owns in Trouteville and they'd go paint balling to break the ice! After wards they had a worship time and it is truly amazing! There is also a young lady from Penn. State that has contacted me via e-mail and she asks for Prayer because she believes she is demonic! God is so awesome!
I now consider myself; one of the wealthiest women in the world! I am able to wake up each morning and study and pray in freedom. I then can ask God to use me in what ever way he needs me! I am His tool! Then am able to go out in the world and plant seeds! What more can I ask for? God is so awesome! I AM so blessed and I AM forgiven of my past; so I can use it as a tool to reach out to others that most cannot reach!
I understand living on the streets! I have died 4 times in my life. 3 out of the 4 I was NOT saved , so God did not have to keep me here! Praise God! I would not trade my life for any amount of money! My spiritual freedom and relationship with God is so precious to me! You have a wonderful day and God bless! I have sites all over the internet! Google Janine VanDenBerg but watch out for the Doctor! LOL!God gets all the glory and I also learned that : Paul would not have been Paul had he NOT been SAUL first! God is so awesome! Praise God! Your sister in Christ! Janine Marie Palma VanDenberg
Thank you and God bless!
= WE MUST UNITE and become ONE in GOD! He needs the warriors! Praise God!

God now has me as a facilitator for "Celebrate Recovery" program! By John Baker and a forward from Rick Warren and in the Purpose Driven programs! It is the 12 steps , but explaining them using the beatitudes!